A Playful Day
Holiday Special with Subway Knits

A happy and playful new year!

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Episode 19: The season of giving

A festive episode with a massive giveaway!

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Holiday Special 2011: Christmas with Hoxton Handmade

Hoxton Handmade from the Electric Sheep podcast joins me for some festive cheer

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Episode 18: Baby, it's cold outside

A longer treat for the festive season!

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Episode 17: Madam Toad and her many friends

This episode begins the festive count down with festive knits and festive friends.....

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Tag you're IT!! Feat. Alana Dakos

Alana Dakos chats about Never Not Knitting and her new book, Coastal Knits

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Episode 16: If in doubt, knit!

A podcast with lots of segements, an interview with Lisa Mutch and a giveaway!

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Episode 15: Fairy Godmothers can be men too!

Apologies for the delay but we're back in the game now with lots of playfulness.

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A long chat with all the regular segments to keep you playful

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Episode 13: To Seattle..... with love xx

Aplayfulday shares the second part of her West Coast tour

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