A Playful Day (hobbies)
Tag! You're IT! Featuring Kat Goldin & Joanne Scrace

Exploring Creative Identity with the founders of The Crochet Project. With thanks to sponsors Meadow Yarn, Northbound Knitting and Yarn&Knitting. 

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Lots of making! With thanks to show sponsors Meadow Yarns, Northbound Knitting and YAK

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Episode 81: All the Creative Clutter Comes Together

Lots of knitting chatter and a special thanks to sponsors Knit with Attitude, Meadow Yarns and Northbound Knitting

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Tag! You're IT! Featuring Hannah Fettig

This week I'm speaking to knitwear designer Hannah Fettig of Knitbot about sweaters, designing and her new book Home and Away. With thanks to sponsors Knit with Attitude, Meadow Yarns and Northbound Knitting

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Tag! You're IT! feat Ysolda

A special episode with knitwear designer Ysolda Teague talking about a handmade wardrobe. Sponsored by Knit With Attitude, Meadow Yarns and Northbound Knitting

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An episode drawing inspiration from Me Made May. Sponsored by Knit With Attitude Meadow Yarns and Northbound Knitting. 

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Tag! You're IT! feat Kat Molesworth

A special episode to round off a month of exploring blogging and creativity. Guest interview features Kat Molesworth of Blogtacular. Episode sponsored by BCY, Meadow Yarns & NBK. Shownotes found at aplayfulday.com

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Episode 79: Sock Science

Sock knitting & an interview with Amy Palmer brought to you with Berry Colorful Yarnings, Meadow Yarns & Northbound Knitting. 

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Tag! You're IT! feat Robin Houghton

Brought to you with the kind support of Berry Colorful Yarnings, Meadow Yarns and Northbound Knitting 

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Episode 78: Settle In

With chat about What's On the Needles, Madder Made Anthology 2 and some gardening chatter too. Brought to you with BCY, Meadow Yarns and NBK. 

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